Aerofun Continuous gas-free sprayer PT10128 – PT10129

Aerofun works without any gas, with an excellent spray quality.
It consists of a simple gun with a bag in bottle.
With this product we get the best spray quality by combining the qualities of the spray gun and an aerosol.
Aerofun provides a high quality prolonged spray. The dose provided is regular from start to finish.
Rechargeable tank.
98% of the liquid present in the tank is wasted.
Elegant and unique design.

Applications :
It is ideal for:

Chemical industries
Automotive Industry
Personal care (sun spray, hair spray)
Animal care (pets, livestock, etc…)
Insecticides and repellent products
General cleaning
Packaging : 300 c.c.

Spray duration : 1,2 s each spray
Dose : 1,25 c.c.