Umbrella Bag Dispenser PT50077

Materials: Sheet metal structure, coloured plastic accessories grey and red vinyl decoration.
Finish : white + red.
Usage: plastic umbrella cover placement.
Properties: Hygienic advantages by not requiring contact of the hands with the device.
Soft mechanism that allows an effortless cutting of the bag.
Exchange of the accessible bag and extremely simple.
Security lock per key.
Maintenance: remove the main parts and access the guide where the bags are hung of sheathing.
Check that it does not accumulate dirt and no traces of oxidation appear in the the metallic elements.
Cleaning: it is recommended to clean at least one once a week and daily in times of high rainfall.
Use specific products to plastic and metal surfaces, preferably aqueous soap solutions, avoiding alcohol-based and solvent-based products.
Dry the article thoroughly using soft, non-abrasive cloths.
Information: for correct operation and that the bag is stuck to the umbrella, this one should be slightly wet.
Refills :
– Long bag with measures of 70×13,5 in box of 2000 units.
– Short bag measuring 43 x 13.5 in box of 3000 units.

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